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September 30th 2019

A brand new laptop for CAD $120.00

Running a native version of Windows from a MacBook Pro is do-able thanks to SSDs.

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March 5th 2019

Smart resumes

Track who views your resume, where and when they view it using Google Analytics.

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October 7th 2019

Taking Igeddit to the Nuxt level (Part One)

How to upgrade your blog from WordPress to Nuxt and what you can learn along the way.

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October 12th 2018

Work, automate it!

More and more people are discovering that working smarter is better than working harder. How do you do it? Automation.

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July 10th 2018

eLearning. Doing it all wrong

How to do eLearning the right way. I'll bet your one of the 99.9% that do it the wrong way.

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March 11th 2015

Chasing digital strategy

Chasing Digital Strategy. The world is chasing its tail but your business doesn't have to. Not having a digital strategy is like aimless fluttering about like a flock of birds.

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July 5th 2016

Automating InDesign

Adobe InDesign can be automated by using JavaScript. Find out how.

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February 8th 2016

Facebook personalized video.

Personalized video is where it's at but that doesn't mean you should render 1 billion videos. How about rendering one video and changing interchangeable video on the fly!

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August 9th 2015

Silo Connectors

If your company has silos, you won't be working for them much longer because they will be out of business soon. Find out how the smart companies will survive.

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October 10th 2019

Taking Igeddit to the Nuxt level (Part Two)

This is part two of converting a WordPress blog into a Nuxt blog and the results are stunning!

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October 10th 2017

No notes

In this snip I write about doing more with less time. It is possible. Find out what you're missing.

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December 4th 2019

JavaScript is everywhere!

JavaScript is everywhere now. If you're not using it, you're missing out. Find out how JavaScript powers everything in the digital world.

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December 7th 2015

2 X learning

Learning at twice the speed in half the time! Impossible you say. Read on.

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December 9th 2019

Vue Computed CSS

Using computed properties in Vue is easier than you might think.

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December 9th 2018

Automating FFMPEG

Scripting FFMPEG can help you automate the editing of huge numbers of videos in less time.

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March 6th 2020


Things can be buried on your Mac and hard to find. Find out how this squirrel knows where everything is and can dig it up for you quickly.

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March 6th 2020

Deadly mice!

Poof! Everything's gone! The magic mouse could be your worst nightmare and you might not know it until the damage has already been done.

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June 18th 2020

A brand new laptop part 2

Running Win 10 on a Mac is becoming more Mac-like with PowerToys

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July 15th 2020

Horrible UI Design

Don't waste a users time, save them time by doing this and getting it right.

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May 20th 2021

The dawning of new work.

A time is coming, when business integrity will rise, and workplace exploitation will come to an end.

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August 2nd 2021

Delta. Something's not right.

Something's not right re. "vaccines"

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