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Work?! I'm a gentleman! I don't work, I automate.

I've just finished reading one of the most interesting articles I've read in a long time. It was interesting because the topic was automation. Apparently a growing number of people are automating their jobs to such an extent that they don't really do anything at work except play online games all day and bank their paychecks while their computer scripts do their work for them. According to the article, many people aren't happy over this. People are saying what these automators are doing is unethical.

I must say I don't find what they are doing unethical at all. What I do find unethical are the companies who are firing them, taking their scripts, and pocketing the money these automators have made for these companies.

One of the biggest questions I have for these automators is why are you working under anyone at all? Why not work for yourself and bank the money your scripts can make?

The thing about automating, and I'll admit I automate a lot and plan to do a lot more, is that most people don't understand it. They don't understand it because they don't want to understand it. As a matter of fact most people will block it and try to prevent it from happening. The reason they'll try to prevent it is because most people hate innovation. They really, really hate innovation. They hate innovation because they hate change. They hate change because they want to be comfortable.

For a long time I struggled against this current of resistance. But I came to the realization that the majority of people will never change. They don't want it. So, I've decided to bypass all the resistance and go out on my own. The amazing amount of work that can be done through automated scripting is staggering and most people have no idea of the things that can be done. There are so many ways of getting so much more done in less time. But many companies, especially in advertising, want to bill for old-fashioned, good-ol-days time. Well, I'm working for myself, and I want to get s****f done.

If you want to seriously get into automation look at things like Node.JS, Django, AppleScript, PowerShell, Python, JavaScript for the Adobe Suite of products. You'd be amazed at what can be done in a fraction of the time. You might also look up an artist by the name of Joshua Davis, a legend in the field of art-copy-code.

I will leave you with a warning. All this automation, all these work flows, are here to stay and if you are foolishly ignoring them or sticking your head in the sand about them, then you are already slowly going out of business. You just don't know it yet.

Here's a link to the article, if you dare.

Steve Harrington

- not the douchebag one

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