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Facebook has just used personalized video – now do you get it?

Recently Facebook launched a friendsday video campaign –  ‪ #‎friendsday‬. This an example of what I’ve been saying regarding personalized video templates. Here’s how it works: take a video template (likely an After Effects video) and separate the static assets i.e. the assets that don’t change from the assets that DO change.

Once Facebook has the video template created, they can re-use it for every one of their users by combining “their” pictures with the video template. The resulting video will look like a video created “just for them”.

The template likely uses motion tracking in After Effects and swaps out the original image with a Facebook user’s image. Practical business applications of this type of template could be used in coast to coast businesses, such as the automotive industry, to swap out staff pictures, car models, or pricing. You could even swap out languages, which, I’m sure, Facebook is already doing.

After editing and posting my own Facebook friends video to my timeline, I noticed that when I “published” my video, it wasn’t posted instantaneously. This means that Facebook is likely rendering “my” video in the background with “my” recently edited version. It would be better if the video appeared instantly – this would be a more effective workflow.

Update: Friday, Feb 12 2016If you would like an in-depth explanation of Facebook’s recent personalized video roll out, you can view this link. Although most people don’t care how it’s done, and don’t think in this way, including most digital natives, it’s an example of digitally doing more with less. It’s good to see ideas like these are starting to hit the fringes of the digital universe, even though in reality they are still behind the times.

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