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Millennials – must read & must watch. Understanding business.

The game of business Lou: I don’t usually share my business plan with you. (chuckles) But a moment has arrived that could allow the company to make enough money to expand to the next level. We could call this the critical moment. I’m inviting you, Rick, to be a part of the team that pounces on this opportunity. You’ve been asking a lot about your performance review.
Rick: Yeah.
Lou: Well. For starters, I’ve been seeing a great improvement in your overall focus and order-following. Given complex problems, you’re developing a real ability to find clear and simple solutions. I’m also aware of your increased enthusiasm. It’s great to see your eyes light up when you’re working on a new idea.(chuckles) I hope you’ll be inspiring us with your innovative thinking for years to come.
Rick: Thank you, man. I’m trying. You know?
Lou: Which is why I’m promoting you to Executive Vice President of Video News.
Rick: What am I now?
Lou: You’re an assistant.
Rick: That’s…Big. Does it come with a raise?
Lou: Absolutely.
Rick: (BREATHES SHARPLY) How much?
Lou: Pick a number. You pick a number.
Rick: A…(STAMMERS) $75 a night?
Lou: Agreed.

The above dialogue is taken from the movie Nightcrawler.  What I love about this movie is that it uses all the “right” words and all the buzzwords of business and it highlights the pitfalls of today’s business environment where bullshit takes precedence over integrity and HR buzzwords demean the human being to just another usable commodity.

Does your boss smile and use all the right words? Does your boss tell you changes are coming, but they never do? Does your boss tell you how valuable you are but your pay check just doesn’t reflect that. Is your company full of millennials just like you: overworked and underpaid? Is the company firing all their older talent with the story, “They just weren’t doing their job.”?

If you feel the hair on the back of your neck slightly rising, this post may be hitting close to home. You might be working for a Nightcrawler. I strongly urge you to watch Nightcrawler, especially if you are a millennial, it might give you insights into who you are really working for. You might also discover that those ex-employees were those with just a bit more experience and called the boss out for being a Nightcrawler and, oh, the next day, they showed up dead.

OK dead is just a metaphor for being fired, but it is kind of catchy and in keeping with the Nightcrawler theme.

I mean if YOU are going to build the pyramids, either YOU can get paid, or the Pharaoh (boss) can. Sometimes it’s OK to throw down your hammer and walk off the job!

I don’t know about you, but I’m done with the Nightcrawlers!

Steve Harrington

- not the douchebag one

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