Lord of the Rings final battle scene.

As the economy collapses, you are irrelevant.

As I often say: this is just my two cents. The scene above is from the movie, "Lord of the Rings, The return of the King." In this scene, Frodo, the main character of the movie, has just destroyed the evil ring and defeated the evil empire of Sauron. The screen grab above captures the moment Mordor and all the creatures of its kingdom are destroyed.

We are witnessing the collapse of the dark kingdom in our own time, as vast portions of the world's economies collapse. As it collapses, (see layoffs), many former employees find themselves in an existential crisis; if you watch closely on social media, you will find that many people who have been laid off, or are about to lose their jobs, will begin to post articles to prove that they are still relevant.

One thing that millennials have figured out long ago is that you never were relevant and you never will be. And the moment you realize this fact, you realize that you have been "employed" by the dark kingdom for far too long, and that maybe you've been on the wrong side all this time. The world has been broken for a long time. And whether you were hit with the shock wave of its collapse early versus later, you will hopefully realize that people are far more valuable than money, and we've had it all backwards all along.

Or maybe you'll be happy you finally achieved all your goals. After all you've worked so hard to achieve them and sacrificed your entire life to finally have that golden ring. My precious.Gollum holds the ring above the magma.

Steve Harrington

- not the douchebag one

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