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Connecting the dots with Marc Stoiber

Every once in a while I write posts about people who “get it”. People who are heading in the right business direction: people like Liz Ryan; people like Anthony Howard; and people like Marc Stoiber. These people are hitting the nail on the head! They get business: where it is, and, where it is going. These are people who understand that ultimately business is about people. Businesses that treat their people right and, by extension, their customers right, are going to do well; those that don’t are doomed to fail, and now more so than ever. They lead from a center of integrity. They point to businesses founded on craftsmanship, integrity, and doing the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do. And believe it, or not, doing the right thing is right for business. The “craftsmanship” buzzword that they use isn’t the b**&*%it of the snake oil or photocopy salesman, it is founded on professionalism, experience in the field, and treating people right.

I’ve written about some of the topics that Marc talks about in his video; you can find them here ( Silo Connectors and Chasing digital strategy). I urge you, if you are serious about your business, watch Marc’s video.

I’ll finish with a quote from Marc, and a link to his video:

“Now, we’re talking about art here. We’re talking about connecting dots that people don’t see. How the heck do you do that?! I wish I could tell you! I can’t! I can’t tell you how to write a hit song like Brian Wilson did. I can’t tell you how to create a painting, a beautiful painting, I can’t tell you that stuff. It’s art. It’s that jump from connecting dots, to giving it a twist, that makes people go, “Ahh! I don’t know why I love it, but I love it!” Here’s one word of advice though, there is a legion of professionals out there. The folks who are designers, the folks who are innovators, the folks who are in the advertising business. And there are good ones and bad ones. But if you can find yourself a good dot connector, somebody who knows how to connect the dots and add a jolt of creativity to it. Hang on to them for your life. It will not give you a flaky brand. It will make people march behind you.

So what happens when you get it all right: you know yourself, you know your consumer you’ve done the art, you’ve done the science. What happens? Well, funny things happen when you get it right. You start to tell stories that give people shivers.

Steve Harrington

- not the douchebag one

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