Views. Why’s it all about views?

Views. Why is it all about views? I recently was scrolling through some content on the web when a video advertisement began to auto-play. It was late at night my family was sleeping and then, bam!, the audio starts to play. So annoying! Arrrggghhhh! I hated it! So now, whatever that product was, I hate. My overall gut feeling will always be ‘grrrr’ when I see that product. Was that the feeling the advertiser was hoping to illicit from me? I don’t think so.

This type of advertisement is almost as bad as McDonald’s using a touch screen in their stores to order Big Macs. Do I really want the kid who just picked his nose, and tumbled through the plastic balls of McPlayland, and then left his smear across the screen, to be the previous customer before me who ordered off of the same public screen? Think not.

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