Hamster in digital tunnel

Long live the digital hamster!

An excellent article regarding overwork in the digital age (Read the article here: We won’t buy blood diamonds, but we will buy blood digital ( How long before social media gets wind of these practices and boycotts your business for human trafficking. This is a serious issue! If the world is in an uproar over a single lion, why isn’t it in an uproar over these downtrodden digital workers. Things need to change. Why? Because, believe it or not, it makes good business sense.

Update: Cecilia Wandiga recently wrote an excellent post entitled, “How to Solve the True Cost of ‘Cheap’“. If you want your business to thrive, I urge you to read it. Being socially responsible in your business is no longer about appearing to be socially responsible, it is about your company BEING socially responsible to its core.

sun rising over horizon of the earth, caption reads "integrity rising"

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