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The Customer Experience – lies & deception vs. trust

I recently read an article by SAPVoice on, “What Customer Experience Will Look Like In 2020”. I read it with interest because sometimes these predictions can seem unrealistic, and mired in the way things are currently done. Back in the 1960’s a cartoon called “The Jetsons” made predictions of the future that took 50 years…Continue Reading…

Mark Baum, character from the movie The Big Short, says "Boom" into the microphone to signal the collapse of the world economy.

Boom! Ready or not here it comes!

“Boom!” – Mark Baum, into mic, as financial crisis begins to deepen (from the movie “The Big Short”) Here we go again! I’m sorry, again, for posting this and making you think. I know most of you don’t really like to think too much. I know, I know what you’re saying, “You’re such a buzz…Continue Reading…

a man asleep at his desk while in the office

Stoplight. The corruption and hollowing out of society!

Just when I thought I would stop writing about the current state of business, the deterioration of character, the corruption of the starling flock, the return of the financial crisis of 2008, because nobody wants to listen, this comes along…and what a video it is. If you don’t have a pair of John Carpenter sunglasses,…Continue Reading…