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pixel smiley face eats text "die pixels"

Die Pixels Die!

Produce one vector-based smart, digital unit and use it on the screen of an Apple Watch or on the billboard by the highway – no new files, no change in file size. Let’s start with what a pixel is: a pixel is a square of color comprised of various amounts of red, green, or blue. When…Continue Reading…

movie marker reads facebook #friendsday

Facebook has just used personalized video – now do you get it?

Recently Facebook launched a friendsday video campaign –  ‪#‎friendsday‬. This an example of what I’ve been saying regarding personalized video templates. Here’s how it works: take a video template (likely an After Effects video) and separate the static assets i.e. the assets that don’t change from the assets that DO change. Once Facebook has the…Continue Reading…