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Connecting the dots with Marc Stoiber

Every once in a while I write posts about people who “get it”. People who are heading in the right business direction: people like Liz Ryan; people like Anthony Howard; and people like Marc Stoiber. These people are hitting the nail on the head! They get business: where it is, and, where it is going….Continue Reading…

Michael Jackson Earth Song. What about us?

Putting people first.

Will we really ever put people first, and not just say or write, “we put people first”?  Will we ever value people above greed? Kudos to Anthony Howard for his excellent call to re-orient our compasses. Human-centred leadership puts people first, does what is right.

Hamster in digital tunnel

Long live the digital hamster!

An excellent article regarding overwork in the digital age (Read the article here: We won’t buy blood diamonds, but we will buy blood digital ( How long before social media gets wind of these practices and boycotts your business for human trafficking. This is a serious issue! If the world is in an uproar…Continue Reading…

Bloody Canadian flag being sucked down a digital vortex.

Digital Canada a bloody business!

“If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it you almost don’t have to manage them” – Jack Welch Unfortunately for information technology professionals working in Canada, Canadian businesses exploit antiquated Canadian labour laws regarding technology professionals. I look forward to…Continue Reading…

The creation of Adam. Michelangelo.

Silo Connectors

Definition: silo connectors are people within an organization who have deep knowledge and experience in two or more areas of expertise, and use this knowledge to “connect” or “bridge” these areas and synergize them. In many ways they are like a really good translator who not only speaks both languages but also has lived in…Continue Reading…